What is the best product for stretch marks?

I have a TON of stretch marks on my thighs and butt but nowhere else! I am only 13! I am petite, 5 foot and 90 pounds.. I am done growing in height I have not grown in two years and my dr. agreed I was done. I am also a ginger making me extremely pale so my stretch marks are way worse. They are purple and red.
Skincerity skin breathable skin masque is a patented skin masque that allows oxygen in while retaining the body's natural moisture so the skin can actually restore itself. This is a clear roll on masque worn while you sleep. It flash dries in 5-10 seconds so you can wear it without worry. It also has Vit E and grape seed oil in it which are 2 powerful antioxidants for repairing damaged cells. Expect to use it for at least 3 months to see results as the cells need time to repair and be replaced.
palmers cocoa butter stretch mark cream. you can get it at wal mart.
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