What are the fitness requirements for the royal marines?

All I want is the fitness (initial) requirements for the royal marrines.
i.e How many- pushups- pullups- situps and how quick a 1.5 mile run.
... additionally if anyone knows... do you have to had served previously in the British army before applying for the SAS selection course... and does anyone know the initial required fitness i.e. how fast for a timed 1.5 mile run e.c.t

P.s I cba to listen to anybody slagging off the army on this question (if you can't respect people fighting for your freedom then maybe you should have none) and I cba to listen to people saying how impossible it is to reach the special services. I already have a good understanding of the hardship and professionalism these guys have. Thanks
Before you join the Royal Marines, you must first pass a 3 day course called PRMC, which stands for Potential Royal Marine Course. PRMC is very tough, and requires a lot of training and determination. I mean after all, Royal Marines are some of the best in the world.

Right, here is the activities that you will be doing for PRMC.


3 Miler:
You will run 3 miles, 1.5 miles with your group which has to be completed in 12:30, and 1.5 miles on your own which has to be completed in at least 10:30. Running it in 8:50 will get you top marks.

Bleep test:
You have two points that are 20 meters apart, you must run between them within the "bleep". The bleeps will get quicker and quicker, you must reach level 13.

Press up test:
You must do as many press ups as you can in 2 minutes. 18 is minimum, but doing 53 will get you top marks.

Sit ups:
You must do as many sit ups as you can in 2 minutes. 24 is minimum, but doing 64 will get you top marks.

Pull ups:
Do as many overhand pull ups (palms facing away from you). 4 is minimum, but 8 or more will get you top marks.

A swim test, which you will need to swim 4 lengths (100m) on breast stroke.


The High Obstacle Course:
Will determine if you have a head for heights and the courage to overcome your fears. You will climb ladders, traverse ropes and negotiate obstacles at heights up to 10m.

Bottom Field Work Out:
A tough work out of sprinting on the spot, press ups, sit ups, star jumps, carrys, drags, crawls and more.

The Endurance Course:
The endurance course is well known for the royal marines. It is a stretch of land that is 2.5 miles and it has a series of tunnels which you need to crawl through, aswell as rivers and water obstacles.

The "Night Out":
This will either be on Woodbury Common Training Area or back at Lympstone, depending on the time of year and weather. You’ll spend the rest of the afternoon and the night gaining an important introduction into a side of Recruit life that is less about fitness and more about State Of Mind’ and the business of learning to become a Commando soldier.


Receive certificate, and pass PRMC! Time to open a can of woopass.

That is pretty much everything for PRMC. Once you pass PRMC you will be able to take the full Royal Marine Commando course to become an officer or a commando. Regular commando is 32 weeks while officer is 64. The choice is yours.

The final tests for becoming a commando are...

Saturday - Endurance Course
Sunday - Rest
Monday - Nine Mile Speed March
Tuesday - Tarzan Assault Course
Wednesday - 30 Miler
Thursday - Failed test re-runs
Friday - Failed test re-runs
Saturday - 30 Miler re-try if you failed.

For more information about PRMC, go to...

For more information about Royal Marines, go to...

Now then, since the SAS is now open to those serving from all branches, you can join the SAS. I believe you do need to serve a certain amount of time before applying, however I may be wrong. However, instead of SAS, most Royal Marines join the SBS, which is the "Special Boat Service". They are no way inferior to the SAS and you will already have a lot of the skills you need since you will be trained amphibiously if you are a Royal Marine.

Good luck!
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